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There’s no way of knowing, If you’ll reap what you’re sowing, Just keep on growing and pray for the sun

It was 2012-ish and I was at Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz to see a show. This dark-haired woman came onstage and started to sing and I was completely transfixed. The soul in her voice, the depth of her lyrics…Nicki’s entire performance left me energized and inspired. Now, a decade later, here I am, continuing to feel energy and inspiration from her. Her personal journey through life and music is in beautiful parallel to that of building Range Revolution.

“Keep on Growing” embodies the trial, error, failure and learning we all need to continue moving forward. It’s an anthem of resilience and regeneration, growth and finding peace and purpose along the way.

Range Revolution is honored to collaborate with Nicki Bluhm to spread a message of hope and growth, and be part of the release of beautiful new music into the world.

-Cate Havstad-Casad, Range Revolution Founder

First Listen

“Keep on Growing” by Nicki Bluhm is an exclusive release in collaboration with Range Revolution and sneak peak to her forthcoming album.

Growing future ranchers

A portion of the proceeds from the download of "Keep on Growing" and sales of "Nicki's Picks" pieces will be donated to Women in Ranching.

Women in Ranching is a non-profit organization that empowers women in land stewardship and leadership through diverse, equitable, and inclusive programming. By supporting Women in Ranching, Range Revolution aims to highlight the important role women ranchers play in the future of conservation.

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