Range Revolution is a company built to give consumers a regenerative option when it comes to buying leather luggage staples. Our dedication to sourcing materials coming from producers and land managers creating positive ecological outcomes is the central axis around which Range Revolution revolves and grows.

Range Revolution offers leather staples made from 100% American cattle hides, coming from verified regenerative ranches. Using the EOV (Ecological Outcome Verification) Protocol developed by the Savory Institute our partner ranches participate in a monitoring program through which certified EOV Verifiers collect data from the land to ensure the holistic management practices each land manager is using results in net-positive ecological outcomes. In this way, all Range Revolution leathers are coming from lands that are all regenerating, becoming healthier through holistic management. As a result our hides are traceable, our supply chain transparent and
our leathers a product of healthier ecosystems.


Range Revolution was founded in 2021 on two guiding principles.

One, it is our mission to rebuild a robust and resilient leather supply chain within the United States in order to better support the ranchers and land stewards who are working to regenerate our countries grasslands, soils, rural economies and communities through holistic management. 

Two, we seek to build a regenerative company that is based on deep understanding and reverence for living systems in order to become an evolving model for how we can use our collective capital as producers, creatives, consumers and builders to create companies in support of life.
Starting from the soil up.

As a new company we are focused on creating a "value chain" that is based on planetary limits of production.
We are focused on creating conditions that result in healthy outcomes for everyone involved in our company ecosystem. 

We have a vision of the future where robust, regional systems of getting hides from soil to a finished, well-crafted staple product
becomes a cornerstone for our countries manufacturing reality.

We envision a future where consumers can support an entire value chain of American land stewards, producers, manufacturers, designers and craftsmen and women through purchasing goods that get better with time, are able to be repaired or mended, and ultimately can
return to the land to become soil for the next generation.
We are determined to build a better system for connecting those who want well made staples with the entire ecosystem of hands that bring it to market.
We are determined to rebuild these connections brick by brick and have unwavering faith we will be supported in our efforts.

We have some big questions.
We have some lofty goals,
We have a long road ahead of us.

However, if we've learned anything up to this point its that
we are not alone in our want to feel more connected to each other and the ground in which all life starts.