Range Revolution gives consumers a regenerative option when it comes to buying leather handbags & luggage staples. 

Range Revolution products are built of 100% American cattle hides which are vegtable tanned in the USA.
Our hides come from verified regenerative ranches.
Using the EOV (Ecological Outcome Verification) Protocol developed by the Savory Institute, our partner ranches participate in a monitoring program through which Ecological Outcomes data is collected from the land to ensure the holistic management practices result in net-positive ecological outcomes.

All Range Revolution leathers are coming from lands that are regenerating soils and increasing biodiversity on rangeland ecosystems.

Revolutions can be beautiful, design can be a force for good,
 and business models which support biodiversity and ecosystem health are the future.

Range Revolution was founded in 2020 by regenerative farmer/rancher and custom hat designer
Cate Havstad-Casad.

We are building a regenerative company that is founded upon reverence for living systems.

We are focused on creating a value chain that is based on planetary limits of production. 

We are building a future where consumers become our co-conspirators,
giving people an opportunity to participate in land regeneration through the purchase of our products.

Leather goods from the land, for the land.
 Range Revolution