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Mission & Vision

Range Revolution is a leader in the luxury leather goods space, building 100% of our products from traceable, regeneratively sourced American leather supply chains. Range Revolution was founded by a first-generation regenerative rancher dedicated to increasing economic returns to regenerative ranchers, incentivizing best practices, and providing consumers the opportunity to participate in land regeneration through the purchase of our products. 

Range Revolution is centered upon the idea that good design can make us see differently, think differently and act differently. We believe that revolutions can be beautiful, design can be a force for good, and businesses in support of biodiversity and circularity are the future.

Luxury leather that honors life and livelihoods

Range Revolution is rooted in a value system based on regeneration, transparency and community.

Our Team

Cate Havstad-Casad

Cate Havstad-Casad is a first-generation farmer/rancher, designer, systems-thinker, and agricultural advocate. Starting her first company, Havstad Hat Company, in 2014, Cate has evolved as a designer and a land steward in tandem. With her husband Chris Casad, she scaled their diversified organic farm from a 3-acre market farm into a 365-acre, regeneratively managed operation. Cate and Chris use holistic, regenerative and organic management practices, verified with Ecological Outcomes monitoring. They grow a diversity of hays and grains, manage native rangelands and raise cattle & pigs in a closed-loop system. Casad Family Farms has scaled its management and increased ecosystem health through a historic drought by employing holistic and planned cattle grazing. 

Cate founded Range Revolution in 2021 with a clear mission: To build a company that increases economic returns to regenerative ranchers, makes good use of some of the 5 million cattle hides that are thrown into the trash each year, and rebuilds systems with a  whole-carcass focus. She believes that design, at its best, can regenerate the land and regenerate the people who are a part of the supply chain, from the soil all the way through the manufacturing process. Range Revolution is a design endeavor to connect Cate’s life purpose in design and agriculture and find artful ways to inspire people to find their place in the natural world.

Sallyann Trenchard

Sallyann Trenchard is a talented handbag designer with sixteen years of experience in the industry. She grew up in England and studied at the prestigious Central Saint Martins University. After graduating, she was headhunted by Abercrombie and Fitch and relocated to the US to start her career. Since then she has designed for well-known fashion houses and brands such as Ralph Lauren, Armani, Coach and Levis.

In addition to her artistic talents, Sallyann has been recognized for leading teams through conceptual design, and managing product development and production. She has won awards for a variety of product launches and the growth of product category volume and revenue.

Through the Range Revolution product collection, Sallyann artfully communicates the ethos of timeless, modern designs with a hint of Western curves. By using creativity to highlight the natural beauty of vegetable-tanned, full-grain leathers, Sallyann brings the rangelands to life through her design leadership and vision.